One beat,one rhythm. In pellets, we work together with you to customize the products, play the individual movement according to your request.

Custom Formulation

Custom Formulation

Are you attracted to unique products?
We personalize your formula (color, active ingredients, fragrance, etc.) to bring it to market quickly and effectively.

◎ Short development time/quick results
◎ Customize your product line
Custom Products

Custom Products

Are you looking for the opportunity to create an extraordinary, unique product? Let us work with you to create an unparalleled product, attract new customers and open up a promising market.

◎ Innovative, compelling project plan
◎ Create brand flagship products
Strong influence, dynamic marketing and communication
Custom Brand

Custom Brand

Do you want to launch a range of products simultaneously? We help you design, develop and sell your full range of products, even your own brand: marketing concept, graphic design logo, product name, packaging...

◎ Comprehensive development
Brand consistency and strength
◎ Carefully selected project team

Pellets promise to follow the entire development process: a dedicated team will accompany you from brainstorming to delivery. Selecting, designing and developing according to your request and the type of product you envision. We will be with you on each step.