In 2018, PELLETS established a cosmetics and microcapsule R&D center in Shui Tu, Chongqing, which is located in the beautiful Dadi Enterprise Park. It is around 3000 square meters.



In 2009, PELLETS innovated the workshop to comply with GMP and passed certification, and develop lots of different product for Globe market.



In 2004, PELLETS was established. We research on fluid bed process , control release for medicine formulation, and micro-capsule for Cosmetic.



In 1995, Chong Qing Jing Gong Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. was established. It is the first fluid bed Manufacturer in China.

Give me an expensive reason (1) microencapsulation technology


You should pay attention to a key word when choosing products: "microencapsulation technology".

What are the advantages of microencapsulation technology?


Microencapsulation technology can not only provide new functions and characteristics of your products, but also increase its added value. This means promoting the development of innovative products or extending the life of existing products.

Hot style in beauty land


I would like to talk to you about microcapsules, which originated in the 1950 s and has a long history, but it is still a mysterious technology. Don't talk, let's guess your impression of microcapsule technology items, "beauty" and "high-tech" are the key words?

Beauty observation | microcapsule technology-another growth point in the era of effective skin care?


In the era of efficacy skin care, consumers' attention to a product is no longer limited to the list of ingredients, but more to understand whether the formula can really play its claimed efficacy, including whether the efficacy ingredients can remain active and how much can be absorbed by the skin. These consumer concerns are also difficult in the development of effective skin care products, and microcapsule technology is one of the solutions.

Application of Microcapsule Technology in Cosmetics


With the further improvement of people's awareness of cosmetics, consumers are more inclined to choose safe, healthy and professional products while pursuing beauty. Therefore, the application of cutting-edge biotechnology in the field of cosmetics has gradually become the direction of the cosmetics industry to guide the continuous progress of the direction of the standard, as a hot spot in the field of cosmetics, "microcapsule technology" can be said to be one of the representatives.

What is microencapsulation technology? What are the advantages of microencapsulated powder?


Microcapsule (Microcapsule) is the formation of tiny particles or droplets with easy film-forming material wrapped, thereby forming a core/shell structure and uniform size of micro-scale or nano-scale capsule type embedded.

What are the characteristics of microcapsule technology?


It can effectively reduce the reaction of active substances to external environmental factors (such as light, oxygen, water);

What is Microcapsule Technology?


Microencapsulation technology (Microencapsulation) is a technology that microsubstances are wrapped in polymer films, and it is a micro-packaging technology that stores solids, liquids, and gases.
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