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Chongqing Xiaowan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is one of the leading microcapsule preparation manufacturers in China.

Small pill biological has a strong international standard level of research and development and quality assurance capabilities, as well as the largest domestic microcapsule production capacity. The company produces cellulose beads, color beads, petals, soft beads, oil capsules and other granular products recognized by the market. More than ten kinds of personal care ingredients, high product value, good quality, for customers to establish a good cost-saving image.

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development process


In 1995, Chong Qing Jing Gong Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. was established. It is the first fluid bed Manufacturer in China.


In 2004, PELLETS was established. We research on fluid bed process , control release for medicine formulation, and micro-capsule for Cosmetic.


In 2009, PELLETS innovated the workshop to comply with GMP and passed certification, and develop lots of different product for Globe market.


In 2018, PELLETS established a cosmetics and microcapsule R&D center in Shui Tu, Chongqing, which is located in the beautiful Dadi Enterprise Park. It is around 3000 square meters.


Company strength

Company size

As of December 2020

Chongqing xiaowan has 72 employees. The number of production personnel reached 32, accounting for 44%

R & D personnel

The number of research and development personnel reached 12, accounting for 17%. Able to research and test the development of various particles, their application environment and stability.

Inspection personnel

Our company currently has 9 inspectors.

Equipment advantages

Our company can quickly improve all kinds of production equipment to adapt to the production and development of different particles. Granulator, fluidized bed, drop pill machine, coating machine, these equipment are my company's own research and development production.

production capacity

We have a total of 8 different fluid bed equipment machines for the production of beads. In addition, there are 7 hydrogel production lines with different processes, involving 12 microcapsule production processes, which can produce 20-40 tons of different types of microcapsules per month.

Process Technology

A variety of different processes are combined for the production of various types of microcapsules.

We can always find a microcapsule process that suits you Customize your products


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Intellectual Property Management System Certification 01
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