What are the characteristics of microcapsule technology?


It can effectively reduce the reaction of active substances to external environmental factors (such as light, oxygen, water);
Reduce the diffusion and evaporation of heartwood to the environment;
3. Control the release of heartwood;
4. Masking the peculiar smell of heartwood;
5. Change the physical properties of the heartwood (including color, shape, density, dispersion performance), chemical properties, etc.
For the food industry, can make the pure natural flavor ingredients, physiological active substances into the food system, and can maintain physiological activity, it can make many traditional process is simplified, at the same time it also makes many technical means can not solve the problem is solved.
1 powder will not be easy to process the storage of gas, liquid raw materials, so as to improve its solubility, fluidity and storage stability, such as powder flavor, powder edible oil, powder ethanol and so on. For example: the liquid oil as the heartwood, select the appropriate wall material, the use of microcapsule technology can produce solid powder oil, very convenient to add in a variety of food raw materials. It is reported that in foreign countries, there are about dozens of microcapsule products of powder oil as food industry raw materials, used in all kinds of nutritional health food or functional food.
2 reduce the volatility to prevent the volatilization of flavor components, reduce the loss of flavor.
3 reduce toxicity reduce the toxicological effects of food additives, such as ferrous sulfate aspirin and other drugs package, by controlling the release rate to reduce gastrointestinal side effects. For the pharmaceutical industry, microencapsulation technology can be used to manufacture target preparations to achieve directional release.
4 to improve the stability of the material (easy to oxidize, easy to see light decomposition, susceptible to temperature or moisture material) many food additives made of microcapsule products, due to the protection of the wall material, can prevent its oxidation, avoid or reduce the impact of ultraviolet light, temperature and humidity, to ensure that nutrients are not lost, special function is not lost.
5 can make the incompatible ingredients evenly mixed with microcapsule technology, the components that may react with each other are made into microcapsule products, so that they are stable in a system, and the effective ingredients are released in an orderly manner, respectively, at the corresponding time. To improve and enhance the flavor and nutrition of food products. For example, some powdered foods are very sensitive to sour agents. Because the moisture absorption of the sour agent will cause the product to agglomerate; and the pH value of the part where the sour agent is located changes greatly, resulting in changes in the surrounding color and making the appearance of the whole package product indecent. After microencapsulation, the acidulant can delay the contact with sensitive ingredients and prolong the shelf life of food.
6. Taste Masking Certain nutrients have an unpleasant odor or taste that can be masked using microencapsulation technology. This microcapsule product does not dissolve in the mouth, but only dissolves in the digestive tract, releasing the contents and exerting a nutritional effect.
7 Isolation of active ingredients can maintain the activity of micronutrients and physiologically active substances in food on the human body.
8 Control the time and quantity of heartwood release and action. Microcapsule products can provide special release methods through pre-designed dissolution and release mechanisms

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Give me an expensive reason (1) microencapsulation technology

You should pay attention to a key word when choosing products: "microencapsulation technology".


What are the advantages of microencapsulation technology?

Microencapsulation technology can not only provide new functions and characteristics of your products, but also increase its added value. This means promoting the development of innovative products or extending the life of existing products.


Hot style in beauty land

I would like to talk to you about microcapsules, which originated in the 1950 s and has a long history, but it is still a mysterious technology. Don't talk, let's guess your impression of microcapsule technology items, "beauty" and "high-tech" are the key words?


Beauty observation | microcapsule technology-another growth point in the era of effective skin care?

In the era of efficacy skin care, consumers' attention to a product is no longer limited to the list of ingredients, but more to understand whether the formula can really play its claimed efficacy, including whether the efficacy ingredients can remain active and how much can be absorbed by the skin. These consumer concerns are also difficult in the development of effective skin care products, and microcapsule technology is one of the solutions.


Application of Microcapsule Technology in Cosmetics

With the further improvement of people's awareness of cosmetics, consumers are more inclined to choose safe, healthy and professional products while pursuing beauty. Therefore, the application of cutting-edge biotechnology in the field of cosmetics has gradually become the direction of the cosmetics industry to guide the continuous progress of the direction of the standard, as a hot spot in the field of cosmetics, "microcapsule technology" can be said to be one of the representatives.