What is microencapsulation technology? What are the advantages of microencapsulated powder?


Introduction to Microcapsule Technology

Microcapsule (Microcapsule) is the formation of tiny particles or droplets with easy film-forming material wrapped, thereby forming a core/shell structure and uniform size of micro-scale or nano-scale capsule type embedded.

Specifically, the target core materials (such as oil, probiotics, flavor substances, food additives, fat-soluble nutrients, pesticides, cosmetics, enzymes, drugs and adhesives, etc.) are wrapped in the wall materials of natural polymer materials (such as polysaccharides, proteins or lipids) to form a wrapping system similar to "eggs", so as to achieve the purpose of changing physical state, isolating protection or slow release and masking taste.

microcapsule technology

① According to the physical state of nutrients, select the appropriate adhesives and excipients, adopt multi-dimensional granulation technology, fine control of nutrient particle size distribution, coated with one or more layers of film coating to achieve effective embedding.

The use of natural polymer materials will be functional oil or oil-soluble core material wrapped up to form a tiny vesicle, forming an oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion structure, after drying, the formation of uniform particles of powder oil.

Advantages of microcapsules

1. Change physical properties

Since the hydrophobic group of the core material is wrapped by the wall material, the hydrophilic group of the wall material is exposed, which greatly improves the water solubility of the core material. Due to the support structure of the wall material, the mechanical resistance of the core material is increased. Widely used in beverages, solid drinks, tableted candy and other products, greatly broadening the scope of application.

2. Masking taste, stable protection

On the one hand, the release rate of the core material can be controlled to achieve the purpose of sustained release due to the different release degrees of the wall material (encapsulation material) to different core materials. At the same time, according to the hydration capacity of the wall material, the oral release rate can be reduced to achieve the effect of masking taste.

On the other hand, the microcapsule reduces odor emission, oxidation, degradation and volatilization of the core material due to exposure to external light, heat, oxygen and the like, and prevents the probability of reaction between different components contained therein, achieving the effects of protecting the core material, prolonging the shelf life, and hiding the odor.

3. Improve absorption efficiency

Due to the embedded targeting and slow-release effect of the microcapsule powder, it can greatly reduce gastrointestinal adverse reactions and promote absorption; at the same time, compared with the original and group, the group of the shell has better biocompatibility, which can effectively improve the absorption efficiency of the core material.

Latest developments


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What are the advantages of microencapsulation technology?

Microencapsulation technology can not only provide new functions and characteristics of your products, but also increase its added value. This means promoting the development of innovative products or extending the life of existing products.


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Beauty observation | microcapsule technology-another growth point in the era of effective skin care?

In the era of efficacy skin care, consumers' attention to a product is no longer limited to the list of ingredients, but more to understand whether the formula can really play its claimed efficacy, including whether the efficacy ingredients can remain active and how much can be absorbed by the skin. These consumer concerns are also difficult in the development of effective skin care products, and microcapsule technology is one of the solutions.


Application of Microcapsule Technology in Cosmetics

With the further improvement of people's awareness of cosmetics, consumers are more inclined to choose safe, healthy and professional products while pursuing beauty. Therefore, the application of cutting-edge biotechnology in the field of cosmetics has gradually become the direction of the cosmetics industry to guide the continuous progress of the direction of the standard, as a hot spot in the field of cosmetics, "microcapsule technology" can be said to be one of the representatives.